How can I remember my dreams?

Science shows us that we all dream, every night. If you’re lucky enough to be getting eight hours sleep (which these days most people don’t) then during the night you can have up to five dreams.  We also know that dreams have enormous value (not least of all because of their link to memory) and they’re worth exploring; they usually contain a message worth receiving. So what can you do if you’re not remembering them?

There are a few reasons why you might not remember what you’ve dreamt, so take a look at these top tips below.

1. Recognise their value

You may have grown up in an environment where dreams were dismissed as unimportant or something to fear. You may have come to the conclusion, over time, that your dreams don’t mean anything, because you couldn’t make sense of them. You may have had nightmares and taught yourself to forget them.

However, once you recognise that your dreams can be a valuable resource – in helping you understand your problems and find solutions to them – you may find you’re more likely to remember them.

2. Avoid Busy-ness

Most people today live such busy lives that when they wake up in the morning the last thing on their mind is what they dreamt during the night. You may be thinking about where you’re going to be, who you’re going to see – anything but the dreams you’ve just had.

When you wake up, lie still and concentrate on all the things going through your mind – any images or songs, and how you feel. This will help you recall your dream in enough detail to write it down.

3. Set the Intention

Having a good nights sleep and dreaming can help improve your memory, but if you don’t write your dreams down within a few minutes of waking, most of the content will be lost.

Set the intention to keep a dream diary (use your Smartphone to voice record them, or keep a pen and paper by your bed); this will help you remember your dreams as well as create a useful tool for when you go back to analyse them later.  (You can access a free guide on how to keep a dream diary when you subscribe to my newsletter here).

4. Get ready for the message

Dreams are a guide, a bit like a friend offering you some helpful advice. Like some advice, you may not be ready for the message just yet, especially if it’s about a relationship, work or money.

Allocate some time during the day to consider matters which are on your mind most, and ask yourself the question before sleep as to how you can find the answers. Although the dream itself may seem obscure, there is often a message which, once explored, can help you take positive action.

5. Improve your Sleep

If you’re not sleeping well, you won’t be dreaming well either. According to the Great British Sleep Survey insomnia is a big problem in the UK. Poor sleep can also be a symptom of stress so if you have a lot on your mind, setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep will be valuable. Make the hour before sleep yours by listening to some calming music and having a nice warm bath before bedtime.  (You can also access top tips for sleep and help with managing stress when you subscribe.). Make sure you speak to your doctor if sleep problems are affecting your health.

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