Ask me about your dream

What does your dream mean?

The subject of dreams fascinates people, and I’ve been working with dreams professionally for over a decade, helping people explore and understand their meanings.  There are a number of different theories about why we dream and what they mean, so I work in an integrated way to help people decipher the messages within them.

If you pay for a dream interpretation by email, you’ll receive an in-depth analysis of the content you share with me, which can offer you food for thought about the dream you’ve had. If you have a dream you’d like to explore, this service is available by email.

Ts and Cs below.

You can ask about a recurring dream or one you’ve had only once. You’ll also receive top tips and guidance appropriate to the content of your message. You can share as much or as little detail as you can remember, it can be a current dream or one you had years ago.

Delphi sent my [dream] analysis via email. The analysis itself was so accurate and made a lot of sense to me, and has helped me to resolve and make sense of some things that have reoccurred frequently in my dreams.” L.

When you pay, you should receive an automated reply and further details on how to send your dream for analysis.  Once you send your dream across, you’ll receive your interpretation within 2 working days.

Everyone is different so what a dream means to one person, can be different to the next. I aim to offer a professional exploration of your dream, based on the information you provide, so the more you feel able to share, the more in-depth this will be.

If you have a dream you’d like to explore, you can pay to receive an interpretation by email.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay using the button below
  2. You should receive a confirmation email confirming your payment has been received, and instructions on how to send your dream.
  3. Your dream will then be analysed and you’ll receive an in-depth exploration based on the information you provide,  during office hours.

Ts and Cs below.

Terms and conditions

Dream Analysis can cost from £10 – £20/dream per person.  Prices can vary.

Only one dream for the price you pay. This service is subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time.  Remember, you’re the best person to decide ultimately what your dream means.

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