Do your dreams keep you up at night?

When was the last time you had eight hours refreshing sleep?  It might have been a while.

As a nation, we’re really poor sleepers. (According to one survey, only 1% of us wake up feeling refreshed and 12% of us admit to falling asleep in a work meeting – we’re THAT tired).

But what stops us?

I wrote this article for Mental Health Awareness Week because we know that, in the UK, worrying can be one of the biggest causes of a bad night’s sleep. And evidence suggests that lack of sleep has a knock on effect on our mental health.

We also know that sleep deprivation can cause nightmares – so much so, that you may end up trying to stay awake to avoid the bad dreams. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Take a look at these 5 Reasons We Can’t Sleep (and what to do about it) Read more…

Remember to talk to your doctor if your sleep is causing you problems, and establish a restful and relaxing bedtime routine.

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