Ask About a Dream

Research shows that talking about a dream for approximately an hour “can result in “aha” moments for people”. 

I have explored dreams for over 20 years, and as a qualified counsellor I now offer a dream therapy service over the ‘phone (U.K.) or via a call service like Skype or Google Hangout (global). Interpretations are provided in English.

The service I offer is an exploration, which incorporates a therapeutic model called ‘person-centred’ counselling. It creates a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share your dream and consider its meaning. Everyone is different, so the session is not a definitive answer for what your dream means but will include possible interpretations, insight and food for thought.

The cost of this service is £25 (GBP) for up to 50 minutes. This can include a brief précis sent in English by email afterwards (optional), which can contain the key points and top tips discussed.

Whether it’s a recurring dream or one you’ve had only once. You can share as much or as little detail as you can remember, it can be a current dream or one you had years ago.

Delphi sent my [dream] analysis via email. The analysis itself was so accurate and made a lot of sense to me, and has helped me to resolve and make sense of some things that have reoccurred frequently in my dreams.” L.

You can pay for this service using the button below. You will then be contacted to arrange your appointment at a mutually convenient time. Got a question about how this works? Get in touch. Please note free dream interpretation is no longer available. If you send a dream for analysis by email you will be directed to this paid-for service.

Terms and Conditions

Clients can obtain a full refund on 1-1 appointments if giving more than two working days notice. Payment for all services is required at the time of booking unless otherwise specified. The counsellor will call the client at the time of the appointment. Please make sure you have a safe space to talk. You may find these Frequently Asked Questions helpful.

Everyone is different so what a dream means to one person, can be different to the next. I aim to offer a professional exploration of your dream, based on the information you provide, so the more you feel able to share, the more in-depth this may be.

Dream interpretations may only be of entertainment value and should not be used to make important life decisions or replace medical opinion. If you are worried about your sleep or dream content please speak to your doctor.

Delphi is a Mental Health and Grief Counsellor, and Well-being Trainer, specialising in dreams as seen on TV. © Copyright Delphi Ellis 2006 – 2020

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