Pay for a dream interpretation by email.  Once you’ve made your payment you should receive an automated email asking you to send all the details.  You’ll then receive an interpretation during working hours.

Ts and Cs below.

Delphi sent my [dream] analysis via email. The analysis itself was so accurate and made a lot of sense to me, and has helped me to resolve and make sense of some things that have reoccurred frequently in my dreams.” L.

Delphi is a qualified Therapist and Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer, specialising in dreams as seen on TV.

Terms and conditions

Dream Analysis can cost from £10 – £20/dream per person.  Prices can vary.

Only one dream for the price you pay. This service is subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time.  Remember, you’re the best person to decide ultimately what your dream means.

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