Dreams and Sleep

Dreams have been described as the “Window in to our Soul.”

I have worked professionally with dreams for over around 20 years.  I have always believed dreams are like buried treasure, providing jewels of wisdom to help us navigate through life, allowing us the opportunity to take positive action with the messages they provide.

Sometimes dreams are funny, plain weird – or terrifying.  Whichever types of dream you’re having, it can be useful to understand what they mean.

Science has taught us that we all dream, every night. And, each dream is coded so that only you can decide ultimately what it means.

There are some common and recurring dreams here.

New Book!

My new book “Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal” will be available for pre-order soon. Watch this space for details or go to the book’s dedicated website for more details.

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