Dream Question: what does my train dream mean?

Your dream question: Sab writes: “I’m standing on an oval bank next to a train track, watching a speeding train going around it. It flashes past me at top speed almost sucking me under, which is often when I wake up with a jolt. What does this mean?”
Delphi replies:

Trains in dreams will often symbolise our journey through life. Many people will say they have missed the train in a dream which can suggest they feel they have missed out on an important opportunity. In your case you were watching the train, almost as if you feel are an observer of your own life at times, unable to influence the events around you. The high speed of the train can symbolise the pace of the life you lead.

This is emphasised by you standing on an oval bank. Paying attention to this kind of detail in a dream is important because you are specific with the language you use. I’m wondering if, at the time you had this dream, you felt you were going round in circles in a particular area of your life.

The fact that you mention being sucked in by the dream could also be a metaphor that you may have a tendency to get drawn in to situations which then leave you stranded or wondering how you arrived at certain points in your life. Waking up with a jolt in the way you’ve described can be an indicator of stress so making sure you are taking positive action to manage your stress effectively, will be important.

My top tips:

* If you feel out of control of certain parts of your life, it can be useful to focus on what you can control. Consider writing a list of areas in your life you can influence (like managing your stress) and how you will take positive steps forward with these goals

* If you sometimes finds yourself going round in circles (or repeating the same unhelpful patterns) take some time to think about what you do want and what direction you’re taking. Be specific and include a timeframe for your positive intentions. Remember to identify useful resources (like learning materials, books etc) which will encourage your positive, personal development

* Identify what’s causing you stress and what steps you can take to manage it, including ways to slow down the pace of your life. This may be writing a “to do” list or just focusing on healthy sleep. Remember to set yourself up for a good nights slumber with a positive bedtime routine, in the hour before bedtime listen to calming music and meditate before sleep.

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