Dream question: why am I dreaming about toilets?

L asks: I had a dream last night that I needed the toilet at someone’s house and there was no door on the loo? What does this mean?

Delphi replies:

Whenever we need the toilet in a dream, the interpretation may depend on whether or not you needed the loo in “real” life. 

Sometimes dreams can be influenced by things “outside” the dream (like being thirsty or busting to go) and this filters in.  It’s a bit like hearing the door bell in your dream, then realising when you wake up someone did call at the door in “real” life.  So if you found you needed the toilet when you woke up, this may have influenced your dream content.

There are other meanings though, especially as in your case the door was missing. This is a common theme: for some people both doors and walls can disappear, leaving them feeling exposed and everyone’s watching them “go”. This can be interpreted that at the time of the dream you may have put something “out in the open”, said something which embarrassed you perhaps, or put yourself in a situation where you were open to the scrutiny of others.

Toilet dreams can also suggest that you are finding it difficult to get any privacy; it may be in waking life, there is no peace, with you being disturbed or interrupted even when you want to spend a penny. 

What you are doing in the dream can also be important. If you’re “going” on the toilet, this can symbolise a need to get rid of things which, if you hold on to, have the potential to make you ill. 

One last thing that interested me about this dream: it was at someone else’s house. Houses in dreams are very personal to the dreamer so if you can remember who the person was, consider why it was that individual. It may be that you spend more time out of the house than in your own, or that this person is seeing a side of you no one else normally does.  You may have also revealed a secret to them and are wondering what will happen next. 

Remember to keep a dream diary as this can give you clues as to why you have certain dreams when you do.  You can access a free guide on how to do this when you subscribe to my newsletter.

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