Dream question: Why am I dreaming of tidal waves?

D ream question: why have I suddenly started dreaming about tidal waves?

Delphi’s reply:

In recent years, public awareness of tidal waves and tsunamis has grown, along with knowledge of the devastating consequences these events can create.  With continued awareness of environmental impact, it’s fair to say that you may have a tsunami dream if you are consciously active in terms of our responsibilities to the planet and see this as a sign to take an active interest in a ‘greener’ lifestyle and promote this in a positive way.  With increasing numbers of storms affecting our coast lines, it also makes sense that if you’ve suddenly started dreaming about tidal waves, that what’s happening in the news can be an influencing factor.  However, it’s also likely that there’s a deeper, symbolic connection. 

Waves have traditionally symbolised emotions so when we talk about them washing over us in a dream, this can represent powerful feelings which have arrived unexpectedly – like tidal waves.

It may be that when you have a ‘waves’ dream, you have been going through a difficult time and your emotions sneak up on you with occasional outbursts . This dream can acknowledge that it’s time to stop suppressing those feelings and acknowledge the powerful impact of events which have taken their toll. 

The severity of the waves (especially in the case of a tsunami) will often suggest the need for these feelings to be brought out in the open – because, like a force of nature,  there’s no stopping them.  With the help of a friend or a professional, you may be able to find a way to control them before they get the better of you – before another outburst, which you would much rather have avoided or controlled. Like a tsunami, recent events (or your actions as a result) may have been catastrophic in some way.

If you describe the sea as stormy, this may possibly relate to a relationship which has been unpredictable of late. If the tide is washing something or someone away, this can represent a fear of losing those things which are important to you; the dream most likely representing the fear (rather than the reality) of it happening. 

Gentle waves is often a good sign in dreams that all is – or will be – well. The calmness, serenity and stillness of the sea can reflect that life has been or will be about to calm down and become more comfortable.

Water in general can also mean time for cleansing and purification, although this is for another post. Click here for dreams about water.

Keeping a dream diary is a great way of spotting patterns in your dreaming. 

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