Dream question: why am I naked in my dream?

Dream question: sometimes I am naked in my dreams. Why?

A common dream is turning up for work or somewhere important naked, particularly for people whose job it is to talk in front of others or who are in the public eye.  Sometimes in the dream, other people don’t notice you’re naked, but you know, and this leaves you feeling exposed. This may symbolise that you’re worrying about something more than you need. 

Kate Middleton – now the Duchess of Cambridge – is believed to have reported to the media the week before the Royal Wedding that one of her recurring dreams was that she would walk down the aisle naked, but she also said she has this dream whenever she goes for an interview.

Being naked in dreams can reflect a fear of making a mistake, being aware of being under the scrutiny of others, or feeling vulnerable. It can also mean a time to go back to basics and let others see you are human.

If it’s a recurring dream you may find that keeping a dream diary is useful.

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