Creative dreaming: bringing dreams to life

img_1792-1What do Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and Keith Richards have in common? Okay, so they’re all famous musicians but did you know that some of their work started as a dream? And they weren’t alone. Famous authors, painters and inventors have drawn their inspiration from the dreams they had whilst asleep.

One famous story is that of Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight. She tells the story on her website of how she dreamt the famous story of Edward and Bella in one night. When she woke the next day she managed to get the rough draft written and over the next few months created the romantic saga which many now know and love.

Salvador Dali was believed to have used other people’s dreams to inspire his paintings, one of which was from Freud’s book The Interpretation of Dreams.  Vincent Van Gogh was believed to have said “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream”.

Albert Einstein is thought to have dreamt his theory of relativity, which makes the case that whenever we have a problem we really should sleep on it.

The next time you have something on your mind, write the question to which you want the answer in your dream diary before you go to bed, and see what your dreams offer you that night.  If you’re dreaming of images, music or literature, be sure to put the words or pictures in your dream diary so you can explore them in more detail when you wake up. You can find out how to keep a dream diary when you subscribe to my newsletter.

These amazing images are by Sue Wookey, who paints her dreams. You can find out more about her paintings here.

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