Dreams of getting married

Your question: Getting married

“I had a dream last night that I was getting married – what does that mean?”

If you are in the process of planning a wedding or have been thinking (or hoping) to get married, this would affect the interpretation.  It makes sense that the stress of planning a wedding would come through into your dreams at night, as would a desire to marry the person of your dreams.  This can be a literal reflection of those desires being fulfilled at night whilst you’re asleep. 

Marriage can also represent a union between two parts of our lives (e.g. personal/social) or even two parts of our personality; you may have been undecided about a particular area of your life or have been in ‘two minds’ about something, but these plans are now coming together.

Being at a wedding can suggest there is a cause to celebrate, so long as the wedding went to plan. If something went wrong, then it’s worth paying attention to what the details were so you can reflect on how that translates in to your daily life. 

If you’ve been dreaming that your husband or wife is cheating take a look at this page

Keeping a dream diary can help understand common and recurring dreams. I talk about this and provide a template in my book, Answers in the Dark.

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