What does my dream about eyes mean?

In my dream I had no eyes in my sockets.  I kept looking for eyes to put back into my head, but I could see everything still despite not  having eyes?  Not sure what this means”.  Ivan.

When we become aware of eyes in dreams we may be focusing on what it is we’re seeing – or not seeing – in our waking life.  It may be at the time of your dream you were having difficulties seeing your way out of a specific situation, perhaps at work or at home.  You kept looking for eyes, so perhaps you’ve been looking for answers but as yet you’ve not been successful.  Or you’re looking for a way to see clearly what options are available.

You mention that you kept looking for eyes to put back in your sockets and this could suggest that something is not where it should be, or where it belongs at the moment.  It’s worth having a think about what you’re seeing or having trouble seeing, perhaps someone else’s point of view or an answer to something which challenges you.  It may also be an idea to consider what’s not where it should be at the moment, and what – or who – doesn’t fit in.  Is something “missing” in your life?

The context of eyes in dreams, and how they appear, can mirror your perspective about a particular problem.  If you’re looking out of a window in a dream this can symbolise how you’re trying to absorb new information, or view the world outside of yourself (especially if it’s a window you don’t recognise.). Equally if you’ve been having problems with your eyes in waking life, this would affect the interpretation.

Eyes have also been described as the window to our soul.  We will often use eyes in metaphors to judge a person’s character finding them attractive or untrustworthy.  What do eyes tell you? What do they say?

When we say “I could see it in their eyes” we may be describing someone who was frightened or up to no good.  You may be someone who views eyes as an important characteristic in an ideal or future mate.  It may also be that by having no eyes in your dream, you don’t want someone to see into your soul, to get the measure of you, to know  what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

If your attention is drawn towards another person’s eyes in your dream, it’s worth considering what it was about the eyes that got your attention.  If someone had only one eye (who usually has two) or their eyes were shut it may be that you feel someone around you is not seeing a situation as they should or only giving half their attention to something important.  You may be frustrated with a friend or family member who refuses to see how someone else is hurting them or letting them down.  Or if someone shares the same “problem” with you in the dream, you may feel they understand you better than someone else who doesn’t. Perhaps they share your point of view.&nbsp

If you are looking at your own eyes, pay attention to how healthy they look.  Eyes that are shining can suggest a positive mood, you may be seeing life very clearly and have a clear view of where you’re going.  Eyes which look dull and lifeless can help you acknowledge how you’re feeling about some aspect of your life and areas where you may need to take positive action.  If you notice one eye is shut, your left eye closed can mean you’re viewing life creatively but not logically.  If you’re right eye is closed, you may be maintaining a logical outlook but missing out on your ability to see things expressively or creatively.  In your case your eyes were missing, and maybe something important is missing in your life at this time.

If you’re not not able to open your eyes in your dream or what you can see is blurry, it may be that at the time of the dream you are unable to see something clearly.  Perhaps you want to know the outcome of a situation or what a person is going to do next; this symbol reminds you that some things are not meant to be seen.

An eye in the middle of the forehead could refer to the Third Eye Chakra or “all seeing eye” offering you some insight regarding your intuition.  Again, if the eye is open you may be able to start viewing a particular scenario with profound clarity.  If the third eye is closed, you may have been confusing knowledge with perception and so may need to embrace a more spiritual aspect to your life.

It’s interesting that in your dream you could still see perfectly despite your eyes being missing.  This, for me, suggests you know what the answers are to the challenges you face but you may be unwilling or unable to “see” this right now and so are trying to find other options which fit just as well.  If you felt happy about not having eyes, again this may suggest you’re okay with other people not knowing how you feel.

Eye dreams can also represent your intuition, so it’s important to balance what you know with what you think you know.  Make sure you’re managing your stress effectively so that you can learn to trust your gut when needed.

Keeping a dream diary can help understand common and recurring dreams. I talk about this and provide a template in my book, Answers in the Dark.

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4 thoughts on “What does my dream about eyes mean?

  1. just had a crazy dream , my eyes were injured i could not see at all from my right eye and my left eye was partially open with blurred vision , when i woke up i was crying … thoughts ?


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