Dream Myths 

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There are a number of myths around dreams and ideas about dream theory. There’s still much to discover about dreaming and everyone is different. Here are just a few myths that have been collected along the way and some thoughts on them:

“To dream of pregnancy is an omen of death. The same for teeth.”

Dreams have symbolic references. Pregnancy is often about giving birth to an idea, and teeth dreams will depend very much on how you feel about the dentist. To have a look at some common and recurring dreams (including losing teeth and pregnancy) take a look here.

“If I dream something three times it will come true”

If this was the case most people who have recurring dreams (and many people do) would be predicting the future every day. Instead, recurring dreams are usually a message about an unresolved issue or a problem you’re trying to solve; they are simply asking you to take the time to explore it. That’s not to say that some people don’t have dreams which come true. You can read more about precognitive dreams (dreams which predict the future) here.

“Every character that appears in a dream is a reflection of your own personality”

This is a theory (not a fact) although it’s fair to say every character who appears in your dream is serving a purpose. However, if you are dreaming of people at work, your dream and its interpretation is usually about your relationship with those people. The same applies to dreams which feature friends or family members (ie it’s usually about your relationship with them). Remember when you apply a specific theoretical model to dream analysis, you are only getting one bite of the apple. Keeping a dream diary is a really useful way to understand why you dream what you do. You can access a guide on how to keep one in the Members Area of the Helping you Sparkle™ when you subscribe

“If I hit the bottom in a dream, I will die”

Many people have had a falling dream, hit the bottom and lived to tell the tale.  You can read more about falling dreams here

“I never dream”

Science has shown that you do. You may not remember your dreams but we’re all dreaming every night. People with acquired brain injuries or strokes may have a period of not remembering their dreams, but usually their dreams come back to them once the initial trauma of what’s happened has passed. You can have as many as five dreams in an eight hour period, with the longest dream of the night just before waking.
“Dreams don’t mean anything”

If there’s one thing we can learn from history it’s that for thousands of years we have considered dreams to be important. It’s unclear why some may have drawn the conclusion that dreams don’t mean anything, but we know for sure that they do. Anyone who takes the time to explore or interpret their dreams will be able to make a connection  to a meaning, even if it’s that they’re under stress, feeling anxious or troubled by current events. Dreams can hold clues to what’s on our minds, and how to resolve it, so it’s worth paying attention to what they have to say. 

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