World Sleep Day – 17th March

17th March is usually famous for being St Patricks Day but it’s also World Sleep Day.

You might wonder why we need to focus a day of the year on sleep, when it’s something we all need and hopefully all do.   In fact, poor sleep is a global problem with many countries reporting insomnia and sleep deprivation.  In the UK only 38% of people would describe themselves as good sleepers according to one report.  According to the Global Sleep Study women are twice as likely to have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep than men.


There are a number of things you can try to help improve your sleep.

  1. First, have a chat with your doctor if lack of sleep is causing you physical or mental health problems.
  2. You can also try speaking with a therapist who may be able to help explore the psychological reasons for why you’re having trouble sleeping as well as offering ideas around what can help, especially if stress is an underlying cause.
  3. Take a look at your bedroom environment.  Make sure it’s not too hot or cold.  18 degrees is usually quoted as an ideal bedroom temperature.
  4. Switch off technology at least an hour before bedtime.
  5. Wind down before bed.  Try a relaxation technique like Mindfulness, which has been proven to have many benefits including better sleep.

When you subscribe to the Members Area of my website you’ll find free resources which look at sleep, as well as a relaxation MP3 which might help.

Published by Delphi Ellis

Therapeutic counsellor, well-being trainer and author working with grief and mental health, helping people get their sparkle back. Explores dreams on telly. Avid tea drinker. © Delphi Ellis - Helping You Sparkle™ 2006 - 21

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