Dream Question: What does my dream about lifts mean?

 elevator “I dreamt I was going up in a lift (elevator) but don’t remember getting to the top. What does this mean?”

Delphi answers:
Some people would rather walk up five flights of stairs than travel in one. They’re convenient but often break down. They can be made of glass or the strongest metal. You might find them where you live or where you work but we’re told not to travel in one when there’s danger nearby. So is your lift/elevator dream trying to tell you something?

One element of an elevator (or lift) dream is that that people often notice the direction in which they are travelling – either up or down. You may be particularly drawn to the fact in your dream, the lift goes an extremely long way in one direction.

The direction of the lift is often thought to suggest reaching part of your subconscious mind – going up, in to the higher realms of possibility and potential. Sometimes a lift dream is a metaphor for the “ups and downs” of life.

You were going up in your dream and you don’t remember reaching the top. This may symbolise your journey through life at the moment, striving to achieve something but not being quite there yet. If you were travelling higher than you felt comfortable with, this can suggest that you are pushing some boundaries but this may be in a positive way or with good reason. Just because something’s uncomfortable doesn’t always mean it’s not good for you, so it’s worth taking some time to think about what that might be and whether or not the risk is worth taking. The ‘Higher Self’ is often recognised as that part of you which only has your best interests at heart. So understanding why you’re going up in your dream will be valuable for you, especially if you feel you’re growing on a spiritual, soul level.

Going down can symbolise a need or fear of going in to darker corners relating to memories and problems of the past. If this had been your dream it may be time to put some, if not all, of the past to bed and let go of resentment or guilt which has been holding you back. Similarly if the lift stops with you in it, it may be that you have been facing obstacles or thwarted by problems, preventing you getting where you want to go.

If lifts/elevators are an important part of your day – perhaps you work in a high rise building or poor mobility means you depend on being able to use one – then elevators can reference something in your life which you have started to take for granted. It may be wise to consider ‘back up’ plans or alternatives regarding a specific scenario which has been on your mind.

My top tips to help your Lift/Elevator dreams sparkle:

* Have a think about your aspirations and what you’re trying to achieve; whether you’re taking enough positive action and keeping your thoughts healthy to achieve your goal. If your lift dreams start “going down”, pay attention to your mood and ask how you benefit from holding on to any unresolved hurt. Imagine what your life would look like if you moved passed the problems you’ve been facing.

* Pay attention to the “state” of the lift in your dream. If your lift looks fragile, perhaps you would describe yourself the same way. If the lift is strong and does the job effectively perhaps you’ve not been giving yourself credit for how well you perform under pressure.

* How you feel about elevators in your waking life is also particularly relevant to the interpretation. If they are the last thing you would ever use – i.e. you’re frightened of them – the lift can be symbolic of a fear which is present in your waking life. In these cases it can be important to acknowledge this fear, rather than letting it get out of control.

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