Dream question: why am I hearing my name?

“What about hearing your name called whilst asleep when no ones around?”
Delphi writes:

This is an interesting phenomenon and I hope firstly to reassure you, you’re not alone; many people have shared their experience of this with me. Hearing your name called out in a dream can feel so real you wake up convinced someone is in the room with you.

Some people will find that external noises in their dreams influence their dream content; so if you dream the ‘phone is ringing you may wake up to find it actually is. (This is similar to dreaming someone’s at the door, to find the doorbell going as you “come to”). 

But what about hearing your name? I talk about this in more detail in my book Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal. The book aims to join the dots between our sleep, dreams and our mental health, specifically how grief shows up, even if no one has died. I explore some of the big myths of sleep, offer a Sleep Cycle Repair Kit including mindfulness activities as well as some top tips to help you decode your dreams.

You can find out more in the video below or order on Amazon.

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25 thoughts on “Dream question: why am I hearing my name?

  1. just before i woke up at around 4am
    i Heard a female voice calling out my name but it was very comforting made me happy.then i woke up to find my self alone in my room.
    could it mean anything?


  2. I woke up last night thinking I was in hospital and a doctor was shouting my name to wake up . I was going in and out off sleep in my dream and they kepted saying wake up by name . I woke up and went back to sleep in the morning I asked my husband if he was drying to wake me up he said no .


  3. Around 4am I woke up to someone calling me by my nickname (only family use this name). . It was like they were trying to wake me up. The first was just normal quickly followed by a more urgent, slightly louder call. I was not dreaming at the time and was in quite a deep sleep, I called out ‘what’ before I even had time to open my eyes. My heart was pounding having woke so suddenly. I then began to realise the time and that at this point I was in the house alone as hubby was working. So convinced that some one had called me I had to check the house. What does this mean.?


  4. Hi, I just now received an e-mail regarding your article and I noticed my comment I made in Dec. 2017 is still awaiting moderation. 🙂 It’s those trigger words ‘God’ and the ‘Bible’ huh?


    1. Hi Amanda I can’t see any comments awaiting moderation (that doesn’t mean there aren’t, but I receive so many, sadly I don’t have the time to check every day, when people want free advice). Also, sometimes people don’t ask a question, they just leave a comment and don’t ask for / need a reply. The “spam filter” on WordPress called Akismet sometimes clears comments before I see them; not sure what happened but apologies if I missed yours. You’ll see I reply with pretty much the same thing every time to most comments I’m left currently about this topic these days – this article about “Hearing my name” has moved to this page: https://thedreamsmaven.com/2016/05/05/dream-question-why-am-i-hearing-my-name/ If that doesn’t address your comment then look out for other features coming soon! 😊 Thanks for getting in touch!


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