Dream question: What do dreams of being pregnant mean; news of a birth, death or something else?

Your dream question: “I have heard that dreams of pregnancy means news of a death. Is this true?”
Delphi writes:

The Chester Beatty Papyrus #3, discovered in 1931, contained a manuscript dating back to 1220BC which first suggested the theory of opposites. It’s most likely from this, that we have developed a myth dreams of birth mean death and vice versa.  People have told me about dreams which predict events and different cultures have different views; at the time of writing, there is no hard research to support the suggestion that dreams of being pregnant are news of a death – so that’s a relief.

Pregnancy dreams are very common, even men dream of being pregnant!

Pregnancy dreams often represent the birth of new ideas, new projects and creative changes which may be ahead.

You might be recognising changes within yourself, or your potential in a particular area although it’s important to note that like a pregnancy, it might take some time for the idea or ‘project’ to come to fruition.

To dream of someone else being pregnant, whilst in some cases can be predictive, can suggest we are aware of ourselves taking on some new qualities, which we might identify with in that person. For men, dreaming of being pregnant can be an acknowledgement to take responsibility for a particular area of their life (although this would depend on how they view pregnancy).

Overall, though, pregnancy dreams are positive and will often depict that transition will be gradual and that with patience the idea or project will grow at a healthy and natural pace.

If you’re pregnant, your dreams can be relevant to the preparations for your new arrival. Pregnancy dreams when pregnant can acknowledge the process of conception, anxieties about the pregnancy or labour, relationships with people whilst you’re pregnant and what life will be like once the baby’s born.

Some Top Tips for Pregnancy Dreams:

* Let your ideas grow – Consider if your dream is acknowledging an idea you’ve had which, like a pregnancy, needs time to grow and develop. Don’t rush things, take your time to let these ideas unfold so that they can develop in a healthy, natural way.

* Acknowledge the message – If you’re passed child bearing age (or can’t have children), this doesn’t mean that your pregnancy dream is not relevant. Sometimes pregnancy dreams can be asking you to acknowledge the desire to have children, even when older (and grieving for not being able to have them) or that you would like the opportunity to “look after” people who are vulnerable.

* Consider your responsibilities – If being pregnant is your worst nightmare then this can suggest that there is an issue with responsibility or feeling responsible for something you didn’t want. A bit like the saying “being left holding the baby “.

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