Common and Recurring Dreams

Common and recurring Dreams are discussed in Answers In The Dark

Dreams have been described as “the window in to our soul”, but is there any value in exploring them? The short answer is most definitely “yes”. Research shows that talking about a dream “can result in “aha” moments for people”.

I have been fascinated by dreams all my life, and have worked professionally as a TV “Dream Expert” in the media.  As a therapist many of my clients have found it helpful to explore what their dreams and nightmares mean.  (You can find out more about me here).

Out now

My book Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal looks at why we might be awake at night and what can help, and also explores how dreams can provide insights in to what’s really on our mind. It provides tips on interpreting your own dreams, as well as top tips for more refreshing sleep – even if you work shifts. It’s out now on Amazon and Hive. Use the button below to visit the book’s dedicated website or order your copy.

Want to explore a dream?

blipis my single-session service for people who’ve hit a bump in the road and would like a safe space to vent or talk through how they feel and what they need. This service can be used to help you interpret your dream – to find out more, click here.  If you are looking for longer term counselling, and you’re in the UK, you may find the BACP therapist directory or NHS list of services useful. For useful links to organisations that may be able to help, click here.

Everyone is different so what a dream means to one person, can be different to the next. I aim to offer a professional exploration of your dream, based on the information you provide, so the more you feel able to share, the more in-depth this may be. You can do this via my blip. service – sessions are held via Zoom, minimum session time is 25 minutes. You can find out more about this here.

Delphi sent my [dream] analysis via email. The analysis itself was so accurate and made a lot of sense to me, and has helped me to resolve and make sense of some things that have reoccurred frequently in my dreams.” L.

Dream interpretations may only be of entertainment value and should not be used to make important life decisions or replace medical opinion. If you are worried about your sleep or dream content please speak to your doctor.

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