Dreaming of Water

Dream question: Why do I dream I can’t swim in deep water? When we talk about dreams it helps to think in metaphor. “Deep water” could imply that someone is “out of their depth”, (eg feels like they don’t know enough) or feeling like they’re about to get into trouble. It doesn’t mean it’s goingContinue reading “Dreaming of Water”

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? Your dream question answered

Dream Question: “I occasionally dream about my ex-boyfriend. I’ve been in a new and happy relationship for years, so why would I dream about him after all this time?” Delphi writes: This is one of those dreams which can leave you feeling confused, especially when you’re happier now than you were back then. Previous significantContinue reading “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? Your dream question answered”

Ask Me About Your Dream (Dream Therapy Sessions)

Dreams have been described as “the window in to our soul”, but is there any value in exploring them? The short answer is most definitely “yes”. Research shows that talking about a dream for approximately an hour “can result in “aha” moments for people”.  We also know that during the pandemic, according to the Lyon NeuroscienceContinue reading “Ask Me About Your Dream (Dream Therapy Sessions)”

Common and Recurring Dreams

I  talk about common and recurring dreams in my book Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal. The book aims to join the dots between our sleep, dreams and our mental health, specifically how grief shows up, even if no one has died. I explore some of the big myths of sleep,Continue reading “Common and Recurring Dreams”

Dream Question: why do I have nightmares?

Dreams are often symbolic messages to draw our attention to a specific situation. Sometimes the only time we might remember a dream is by the horrific nature of their content. Nightmares are bad dreams which can stay with us for hours, days or even years. They are often frightening, graphic and may cause you toContinue reading “Dream Question: why do I have nightmares?”