Stress-Related Dreams: are your dreams trying to tell you something?

How do you know when you’re stressed? As a mental health and wellbeing trainer, part of my work includes talking about ‘early warning signs’. It won’t surprise you to know that dreams – especially nightmares – can be a sign that we’re going through a difficult time. It’s why InStyle magazine asked me a numberContinue reading “Stress-Related Dreams: are your dreams trying to tell you something?”

Mindfulness for Dreamy Sleep

Find out how mindfulness can help you sleep – and dream – better

About this website

Thank you for visiting my website about dreams. I am a qualified counsellor, and well-being trainer. I provide professional therapeutic services into the community to help people find what I call their ‘mojo’ (feel-good energy or motivation) and get their sparkle back, often during or after a difficult time in their lives. You can find out moreContinue reading “About this website”