Dream Question: why am I dreaming about cars?

“I dream my car is trapped in an under water system, like a tunnel. What does this mean; am I strange or going bats?” Chris. Thanks for sharing your dream with me, Chris. You’re definitely not going bats or strange! This dream is offering you an important message, just like a friend giving you aContinue reading “Dream Question: why am I dreaming about cars?”

Dream question: Is my partner having an affair?

It makes sense that we worry about this type of dream, especially if we think it might come true. I talk about these types of dreams in my book Answers in the Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal. The book aims to join the dots between our sleep, dreams and our mental health, specificallyContinue reading “Dream question: Is my partner having an affair?”

About this website

Thank you for visiting my website about dreams. I am a qualified counsellor, and well-being trainer. I provide professional therapeutic services into the community to help people find what I call their ‘mojo’ (feel-good energy or motivation) and get their sparkle back, often during or after a difficult time in their lives. You can find out moreContinue reading “About this website”