Dreams of getting married

Your question: Getting married “I had a dream last night that I was getting married – what does that mean?” If you are in the process of planning a wedding or have been thinking (or hoping) to get married, this would affect the interpretation.  It makes sense that the stress of planning a wedding wouldContinue reading “Dreams of getting married”

Losing things and being lost in a dream 

Your question: Losing things (includes Being Lost in a Dream): “I dream about losing things. What could be behind it?” If the objects you lose in the dream are not specific then this could represent an overall fear of loss that you have in waking life, which has manifested in your dreams. You may haveContinue reading “Losing things and being lost in a dream “

Dreams of being chased 

Your question: Being Chased “I looked in a book of dream analysis and read that being chased is a sign that one will have to work hard, but will be successful eventually. Is this true? And, can dreams mean something completely different if your culture and background is different?” Being chased can suggest a situationContinue reading “Dreams of being chased “

Common and Recurring Dreams

During our life time we can have dreams which come back to us time and again, sometimes known as recurring dreams. If you have recurring dreams, keeping a dream diary can be a helpful way to understand why you have the dreams you do. Below are some links to some of the common and recurringContinue reading “Common and Recurring Dreams”

Dreams of Falling

Dream question: Falling “I always have dreams that I am jumping off a wall but it (the feeling of falling) never ends. What does this mean?” Falling can represent being or feeling out of control, especially if you’re free falling in the way you’ve described. However, the fact that you consciously chose to jump off the wallContinue reading “Dreams of Falling”