Mindfulness for Dreamy Sleep

Find out how mindfulness can help you sleep – and dream – better

Dream question: Why can’t I speak in my dream?

Dream Question: “I had a dream where I was trying to speak but nothing would come out.  When I touched my mouth, I noticed there was a string hanging out.   I pulled on it and it was like this never ending piece of bunting.  What does this mean?” This may be a common dream for peopleContinue reading “Dream question: Why can’t I speak in my dream?”

World Sleep Day – 17th March

17th March is usually famous for being St Patricks Day but it’s also World Sleep Day. You might wonder why we need to focus a day of the year on sleep, when it’s something we all need and hopefully all do.   In fact, poor sleep is a global problem with many countries reporting insomnia andContinue reading “World Sleep Day – 17th March”

What’s in a kiss? Dreams of kissing 

Mandy asked this question: “If you have a dream where you can actually feel an action, like a kiss, is that a form of lucid dreaming?” Delphi writes: “Hi Mandy, Lucid dreaming is when you become aware of the fact you’re dreaming in the dream itself and can take control of your actions; a neatContinue reading “What’s in a kiss? Dreams of kissing “

Dream Question: Why was I left holding the baby?

Your Dream Questions answered by Delphi. Y asks: “Im trying to conceive and I can’t stop having this dream. I am on the beach having fun with people then I go into the sea with a baby boy. The sea is really calm.  I feel a lot of love about this baby, I am holding himContinue reading “Dream Question: Why was I left holding the baby?”