Dream question: why am I hearing my name?

“What about hearing your name called whilst asleep when no ones around?”Delphi writes: This is an interesting phenomenon and I hope firstly to reassure you, you’re not alone; many people have shared their experience of this with me. Hearing your name called out in a dream can feel so real you wake up convinced someone isContinue reading “Dream question: why am I hearing my name?”

Dream Question: what does my train dream mean?

Your dream question: Sab writes: “I’m standing on an oval bank next to a train track, watching a speeding train going around it. It flashes past me at top speed almost sucking me under, which is often when I wake up with a jolt. What does this mean?” Delphi replies: Trains in dreams will oftenContinue reading “Dream Question: what does my train dream mean?”

About this website

Thank you for visiting my website about dreams. I am a qualified counsellor, and well-being trainer. I provide professional therapeutic services into the community to help people find what I call their ‘mojo’ (feel-good energy or motivation) and get their sparkle back, often during or after a difficult time in their lives. You can find out moreContinue reading “About this website”