Dream Question: Why was I left holding the baby?

Your Dream Questions answered by Delphi. Y asks: “Im trying to conceive and I can’t stop having this dream. I am on the beach having fun with people then I go into the sea with a baby boy. The sea is really calm.  I feel a lot of love about this baby, I am holding himContinue reading “Dream Question: Why was I left holding the baby?”

Dream Question: why do I have nightmares?

Dreams are often symbolic messages to draw our attention to a specific situation. Sometimes the only time we might remember a dream is by the horrific nature of their content. Nightmares are bad dreams which can stay with us for hours, days or even years. They are often frightening, graphic and may cause you toContinue reading “Dream Question: why do I have nightmares?”

Dream question: why am I naked in my dream?

Dream question: sometimes I am naked in my dreams. Why? A common dream is turning up for work or somewhere important naked, particularly for people whose job it is to talk in front of others or who are in the public eye.  Sometimes in the dream, other people don’t notice you’re naked, but you know,Continue reading “Dream question: why am I naked in my dream?”

Dream question: why am I dreaming about toilets?

L asks: I had a dream last night that I needed the toilet at someone’s house and there was no door on the loo? What does this mean? Delphi replies: Whenever we need the toilet in a dream, the interpretation may depend on whether or not you needed the loo in “real” life.  Sometimes dreamsContinue reading “Dream question: why am I dreaming about toilets?”

Dream question: Why am I dreaming of tidal waves?

D ream question: why have I suddenly started dreaming about tidal waves? Delphi’s reply: In recent years, public awareness of tidal waves and tsunamis has grown, along with knowledge of the devastating consequences these events can create.  With continued awareness of environmental impact, it’s fair to say that you may have a tsunami dream ifContinue reading “Dream question: Why am I dreaming of tidal waves?”